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‘Summer project’ –  you can see all of the work that I did over summer research into how GDDs work.

‘JAMS’  – is all of the short Jams that we had at the start of this semester, complete with pictures and a walkthrough of what we did.

‘GDD notes’ – you can find both my research that is linked to my GDD (seeing the earliest posts for the initial research and further along looking at things linking to my final design) as well as my ideation phases the I took before I came up with my final idea.

‘GDD’ – under this there are many subtitles, some of which have children and children of children attached to them. This is to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Featuring my development and overview about my game. focusing on my Major (Concepting ) and my minor (Animation).


Important research is labeled with a GREEN/PINK IN 3RD BOOK page marker

Important ideas are labeled with a PINK page marker

Important developments are labeled with a YELLOW or ORANGE page marker

GDD research (book 1) – linked to the ‘research‘ part of this website

  • All of my initial research can be found in here, looking at the initial themes
  • Looking at themes and branching off from there
  • Page numbers for specifics will be defined in blog posts that they apply to

GDD ideation (book 2) – Linked to the ‘Ideation‘ part of this website

  • Taking my final areas of interest and starting to develop ideas based on them
  • Doing activities to randomly generate ideas
  • Defining my final idea and starting to research it
  • Page numbers for specifics will be defined in relative blog posts
  • Initial Able design documentation can be found in here

GDD dev (book 3) – linked to the ‘GDD‘ part of this website

  • The majority of my development that is not on this website can be found in here
    • including specifics for the environment
    • including animation specifics etc.
  • Online GDD may refer back to pages within here for specifics.
  • Featuring a mixture between research, development, and notes to myself


We were given several short stories to read in a few weeks. I ended up choosing the story ‘The metamorphosis’ which is a short story about a man who gets turned into a cockroach and is then shunned into a world of loneliness whilst he’s stuck in his own head (initial metamorphosis research). From the starting point of the prominent themes within the story I ended up looking into the ideas of fears, insect movement, disturbing images and much more (please see initial research book 1 and Summarising research blog post). I looked into games of the horror and thriller themes and how they successfully pulled off the genre without being repetitive and predictable, as well as looking into their back stories and how well they pull this off through their gameplay.

From here on I went to develop several different ideas (see ideation notes online for more details on where I went) and elaborate on my initial favourite themes; linking them to new ideas and abstracting even more from the initial thoughts. My final game I decided to develop was that of ‘Able’ which the games design documentation explains.